We are printed paper cups!

Designing a cup
is designing a relationship.

Innovation for your business.

The history of our innovative business processes, revolutionary printing strategy, and dedicated team!

Printed paper cup entrepreneur, Terry Fox, founded CupPrint in 2009. With a background in high-speed commercial printing and packaging, he noticed something wrong with the way the printed paper cup industry operated – a disconnect between the capabilities of the mainstream printed paper cup business’ equipment and the market it served.

The industry’s equipment provided economical options to very large cafe and coffee shop chains. But when it came to the majority of the market, which is made up of independent cafes and small chain coffee shops, things weren’t so economically-friendly.

In particular, the standard high-volume order requirements and long lead times marked by the mainstream equipment, put these smaller businesses at a competitive disadvantage. CupPrint set out to solve these problems by leaning on the latest technologies, innovations never before used in this industry – including 3D digital design preview capabilities.

Considering the previous ventures I’ve been involved in, which deal with high-quality print packaging in the fastest delivery times, printed cups have been the most rewarding. We feel we genuinely solved a huge market problem and customers love what we do.” – Terry Fox, Founder & CEO

  • 2009:  Terry Fox starts new printed paper cups venture in Ireland

  • 2010:  CupPrint establishes European sales office in Germany

  • 2014:  CupPrint and Terry Fox win EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Emerging Category

  • 2016:  CupPrint sets up new U.S. plant in South Bend, Indiana

  • 2016:  CupPrint wins ‘Best New Product’ at SCAA trade show in Atlanta

  • 2017:  CupPrint produces their 750-millionth cup

  • 2018 CupPrint recyclable model first ever cup to gain AAA certification for Path 13 paper waste processing

  • 2018 Majority stake in CupPrint acquired by Huhtamaki

  • 2019 More than half of CupPrint’s product now sustainable paper cup models

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Our Mission

Bring the opportunity to brand through printed paper cups to a more diverse segment.

CupPrint took paper cup printing’s traditional business model and turned it upside down and inside out, making it more flexible for other markets. By leaning on top-notch technology and attention to the importance of customer service, CupPrint redefined the abilities of the custom paper cup printing industry – less unit order minimum, faster delivery time, and, well, with our focus on customer service, more attention to detail.

This is our promise to you. This is the CupPrint advantage.

Made in Europe

Direct from our main manufacturing plant in Ennis, Ireland (County Clare), we ship throughout Europe and the world.

Our Ennis-based paper cup printing plant continues to bring more and more jobs to Ireland. Its production is positively impacting the local economy and, by manufacturing genuinely sustainable products, positively impacting the environment.

We are paper cups!

Name it – we’ve got a printed paper cup for that. From coffee to cold drinks to ice cream and snacks – we’ve got you covered.

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Double Wall

Double Wall Insulated Cups

Ideal for hot drinks. Get rid of those annoying sleeves with an extra-insulated printed paper cup.

Single Wall

Single Wall Cups

Ideal for hot or cold drinks. Printed on heavy, dual-purpose cup material, single wall printed paper cups can handle anything.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cups

Ideal for snacks and ice-cream.

Have you customers chill outside in the sun with our all purpose tubs.

The CupPrint Team

Mary Dilger
Mary DilgerSales Manager
15 years+ experience in sales and customer service

“Having joined CupPrint in 2010, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team since the early days.
Seeing the company grow from strength to strength and now opening up to new markets is very exciting.”

Terry Fox
Terry FoxFounder & CEO
20 years in 24-hour, on-demand commercial and digital printing;
Ernst & Young’s 2014 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

“Since originally founding CupPrint as a family business in 2009, I am proud to see the concept develop to create more than 100 jobs in the west of Ireland.”