4 oz Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups (UK)

Compostable Paper cups look the same and perform the same as regular Double Wall cups. And, when custom printed for your brand, are a perfect eco-friendly solution for promoting both your brand and brand values to customers.

Intended Use: Hot Coffee, Hot Tea
Beverage Type: Coffee, Tea, Water

Finishes Available: Matt Finish, Gloss Finish

Special Finishes:
  • Embossed
  • Pull Out Tabs
  • Cut out Windows
  • Colour Changing Inks
  • Musical
  • Metallic Text
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    4 oz Compostable Single Wall Paper Coffee Cups Custom Printed for You

    The 4 oz compostable Single Wall cup is small, but has a lot of options. Use it for espresso, chilled drinks – or even for serving snacks!

    Custom printed for your brand, these personalised, takeaway espresso cups are also perfect for cortados and suitable for many types of specialty cold drinks and taster snacks.

    (From just 1800 units. Available in matt finish only).

    Strong Coffee, Strong Design Options (Full Colour Included)

    Your 4 oz compostable Single Wall paper coffee cups include all-over CMYK printing – all colours included – so let your imagination run away with a design!

    Cup Print can either take your artwork assets and produce a design to your brief, or you and your designers can upload complete designs.

    We also have a Cup Design Tool that allows you to design your own! Whichever method you choose you can get your 4oz compostable paper cups printed and customised to your liking and provide the perfect sip to complement your super quality brews!

    The perfect environmentally-friendly paper cup for hot beverages

    Compostable paper coffee cups use a plant-based PLA (Polylactic Acid) bio coating as a moisture barrier. Cup Print PLA cups are 100% compostable in industrial composting conditions and, in some countries, can be gathered together with food waste collecting schemes and many domestic ‘brown bin’ waste streams.

    Custom printed with your logo, ‘bio’ cups will impress customers at any event or conference, in restaurants, businesses, cafes, and coffee shops – the opportunities are endless!

    Top quality, sustainable brand promotion

    Compostable cups feature a PLA coating that is Composting and Biodegradation certified (EN 13432) and paper board from PEFC-certified sustainable forestry sources.

    Your 4 oz Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups can be printed in full colour or process inks – all odourless and food safe – in our BRCGS AA-rated High Hygiene facility.

    What’s the difference between Compostable and Biodegradable?

    Products labelled as either compostable or biodegradable both require controlled, industrial conditions of oxygen, water, fungi and bacteria to ensure degradation can occur.

    • Truly Compostable products leave only organic matter, all of which can be reused safely.
    • Biodegradable matter can have residues of non-organic matter, such as metals.

    Compostable paper cups are a strong solution to ensure that all material is returned to the biosphere. Order your 4 oz Compostable Single Wall Paper Cup today and promote your brand! Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups also come in the following sizes:

    • 8 oz Compostable Single Wall Cup
    • 12 oz Compostable Single Wall Cup
    • 16 oz Compostable Single Wall Cup
    • 20 oz Compostable Single Wall Cup

    Available from 1800 to 250,000 or more printed paper cups, we can deliver and design 4oz custom printed compostable paper coffee and sampling cups for you within 15 working days!

    Put your brand in their hands with custom printed paper cups.

    Espresso, Cortados & Snacks

    4 oz Compostable Single Wall Paper Cups (UK)

    Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standard Certification
    Forest Stewardship Council Certification
    Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
    Certified Safe for Food

    295gsm + 20gsm 100% Virgin Cup-Stock European Origin – PEFC Certified Material

    Fill Capacity
    Cup Height Cup Weight
    Rim Diameter Cups per Box


    PET Bags per Case


    Pieces per PET bag


    Base Diameter

    45 mm

    Print Options

    Full 4-colour print CYMK. Certified Ultra-Low Migration food safe inks.

    Box Dimensions (L/W/H) (mm)



    Recyclable eco friendly cups for events

    Perfect for serving juices, chilled drinks or water, this high quality 250 gsm boxboard stock is highly durable and an excellent canvas to showcase your brand with our usual standard of high-resolution printing while you demonstrate your environmentally-friendly credentials.

    We can design, print and deliver custom printed recyclable paper cups for either small or large orders. Your requests will be processed as quickly as possible and your Cup Print custom printed paper coffee cups will be delivered as fast as possible!

    4oz Single Wall Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups can be custom printed with your unique design from just 1,200 units.
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