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Got Some Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

1. Does CupPrint suggest specific dimensions and colour specifications for designs?

Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the design. Typically it works best to upload a high-resolution vector file (.ai, .pdf, or .eps).

For colours, Pantone measurements are best. Providing Pantone specifications allows CupPrint to highlight colours on your custom printed cups […]

What the difference between paper cups made with EarthCoating® and traditional paper cups?

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Paper cups made with EarthCoating® look, feel and perform the same as traditional paper cups. However, traditional poly-coated paper cups are too difficult for paper recyclers to process through their conventional recycling equipment because of the 100% plastic coating used to make them. Paper cups made with EarthCoating® may be easily pulped into recycled paper […]

Are paper cups made with EarthCoating® compostable?

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Sustainability claims for paper cups made with EarthCoating® vary based on what type of resin is being used. For example, paper cups made with EarthCoating® EC-51 (a blend of 51% minerals and 49% low density Polyethylene) are not compostable because of the petroleum-based plastic used in the coating. However, if we mineralize a bio-resin, we’re able […]

Why can’t I recycle a traditional paper cup? It’s just paper right?

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Paper cups are not accepted as recyclable because of the difficulty paper recyclers have processing plastic-coated paper cup stock through their paper recycling equipment. The plastic is used to seal the cup during production and to keep the liquid from leaking through the paper. In order for paper cups to be labeled as “recyclable” in […]

What is EarthCoating®?

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EarthCoating® is a new paperboard barrier coating made of minerals and plastic (Calcium Carbonate and Polyethylene) By using EarthCoating® to create paper cups they become valuable to collect and easy to pulp into recycled paper using conventional recycling equipment. They also use 44-51% less plastic than traditional paper cups.