The re|UUSI® recyclable Double Wall cup was designed for and was recently awarded AAA certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme.

That means re|UUSI® cups can be recycled in any paper waste stream and recycled into new paper products.

The re|UUSI®is the first and only recyclable paper cup to be certified at this level.

The Green Dot Standard – issued by Institute cyclos-HTP – is acknowledged as the benchmark throughout Europe for the classification, assessment and certification of recyclability of packaging and goods.

In recent months a number of leading brands have switched to re|UUSI® cups.

cyclos green dot aaa certified recyclable paper cup

Terry Fox, General Manager of CupPrint says: “We’re delighted with the results for re|UUSI® during the tests done as part of the European Green Dot certification, which now opens up new avenues for recyclable paper cups in Europe”.

The re|UUSI® uses a unique liner containing less plastic – nearly 50% less than a standard paper cup.

This mineralised liner aims to break down more easily in appropriate recycling channels.

recyclable coffee cup by Cupprint for Bewley's AAA green dot status path 13

CupPrint is a Huhtamaki Group company and offers customers a range of paper cup choices.

These include:

  1. Standard PE lined paper cups that are recyclable where facilities exist
  2. Compostable cups that are compostable in commercial composting facilities (including domestic brown bins in some jurisdictions)
  3. re|UUSI® recyclable paper cups as detailed above.

CupPrint specialises in producing beautiful, branded paper cups for cafe and coffee shop operators.

Cups are available from quantities as low as 1000 pcs with high resolution custom printing and 15-day delivery.

This fast turnaround and low Minimum Order Quantity means smaller businesses with less storage space can present their brand in a unique and high quality paper cup.

re|UUSI® recyclable paper cups allow you to show your brand’s commitment to sustainability with a high quality, visually pleasing product that meets the highest standard currently available.