Eco Cup Solutions – The CupPrint Concept


Cup Print is the largest environmental paper cup supplier in Europe and has invested significantly in sustainable technologies to add to our core offering of high-speed, on-demand, short-run coffee cup printing. Now operators of any size can serve drinks and food in customised, environmentally friendly paper cups to promote their brand and brand values. Between our operations in Ireland, Germany, and the U.S., we employ over 180 people and over 75% of production is of eco friendly paper cup models. Our two alternative coating paper cup varieties include a recyclable paper cup and an 100% compostable cup – both available with custom designs in quantities from as low as 1000 pcs within a 15-day production lead time. Additionally, Cup Print also use recycled material wherever food and hygiene regulations permit and hold PEFC certification to guarantee that all virgin paper stock is sourced from sustainable forestry resources.

Recyclable Paper Cups

The re|Uusi is a new revolutionary paper cup offered as part of CupPrint’s commercial offering since October 2017. re|Uusi Double Wall recyclable are the first and only paper cups to achieve AAA certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme. re|Uusi cups use up to 46% less plastic and can be processed through Path 13 of regular mixed paper and cardboard waste. CupPrint is the first company in Europe to offer these cups.

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recycling espressobecher reUusi von CupPrint
Compostable paper cup

100% Compostable Paper Cups

CupPrint are Europe’s largest compostable paper cup manufacturer. Vegware compostable cups use a plant-based PLA (Polylactic Acid) bio coating as a moisture barrier. CupPrint has toffered this alternative coating to clients in Europe and worldwide since 2010. CupPrint PLA cups are 100% compostable in industrial composting conditions and can be gathered together with food waste in most collecting schemes and many domestic ‘brown bin’ waste streams.

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