Biodegradable Single Wall Cups for Takeaway Drinks

Biodegradable Single Wall Cups for Takeaway Drinks custom printed by CupPrint

Serving biodegradable disposable cups to your customers or event goers makes a strong statement about your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Single Wall Bio Cups are ideal for cold drinks such as juices and smoothies, or hot beverages using a sleeve (view our Double Wall Compostable Paper Bio Cups for extra value).

How do Single Wall Compostable Paper Cups Work?

All paper cups need a liner to prevent leakage and scalding. These eco-friendly single wall cups use a PLA (Polylactic Acid) lining that functions just as effectively as plastic.

What are Single Wall Compostable Paper Bio Cups made from?

  • All CupPrint single wall cups consist of sustainable forestry certified stock for the walls.
  • All inks and coatings are odourless and certified to stringent hygiene standards.
  • The PLA liner is made from fibers derived from vegetation such as sugar cane and corn.
  • The plant-based PLA lining breaks down in industrial composting conditions, which means in many areas it can be collected in domestic brown bins too.

Biodegradable Single Wall Cup Disposal

Your Custom-Printed Single Wall PLA cups from CupPrint will only take about 12 weeks to break down before they’re returned to the biosphere.

Single Wall Compostable Paper Bio Cups can be collected and processed alongside food waste, so there are no issues with contamination from liquid residue.

In fact this mixed food waste organic matter helps speed up the breakdown process. For outdoor event organisers this is a strong solution that your waste provider will facilitate so you can publicise your environmentally friendly credentials.

Custom Printed Single Wall Bio Cups

CupPrint custom print 6 sizes of Single Wall Compostable Paper Bio Cups for a range of drink and serving options. From the 4 oz espresso model all the way to the 20 oz bio cup we’ve got you covered!

  • Ready for Delivery within 15 Days
  • Only 1000 pcs MOQ
  • Easy Artwork Upload, Design-Your-Own or Request-a-Design Options
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