16oz Single Wall reUUSI

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16oz Single Wall reUUSI recyclable eco paper cup

At last, eco friendly paper cups for hot and cold drinks that are acceptable by conventional paper waste plants thanks to the groundbreaking EarthCoating® lining, that has up to 46% less plastic, the remainder of which easily splits from reusable paper during the recycling process.

Enjoy hot drinks, or serve cold drinks with confidence that your brand’s represented with the highest quality printing and finishes – and that you’re doing your bit for a cleaner planet.

CupPrint benefits

Single Wall reuusi 4oz - Recyclable Eco Paper Cup
reUUSI Single Wall 4oz
Single Wall reuusi 8oz - Recyclable Eco Paper Cup
reUUSI Single Wall 8oz
Single Wall reuusi 12oz - Recyclable Eco Paper Cup
reUUSI Single Wall 12oz
Single Wall reuusi 20oz - Recyclable Eco Paper Cup
reUUSI Single Wall 20oz

Be it 1,000 or 250,000 16oz Single Wall reUUSI recyclable eco paper cups, we can deliver and design custom printed paper cups for your small and large orders. Your requests will be processed as quickly as possible and your CupPrint paper cups will be delivered to you within 14 working days!

Advertise your business or next event with our custom printed paper cups.

reUusi Single Wall 16oz Recyclable Eco Paper Cup

How it works

Short explainer video showing why traditional paper cups are NOT being recycled and why re|UUSI are the solution.


Here are a list of the most common questions we receive about re|UUSI. For additional questions, please give us a call.


Got Some Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

1. Does CupPrint suggest specific dimensions and colour specifications for designs?

Dimensions can vary slightly depending on the design. Typically it works best to upload a high-resolution vector file (.ai, .pdf, or .eps).

For colours, Pantone measurements are best. Providing Pantone specifications allows CupPrint to highlight colours on your custom printed cups most vibrantly. We also accept CMYK references if Pantone specifications are not available.

For double wall cups, we can print in uncoated (matte) or coated (gloss) Pantones. As such, please make sure to specify if submitting a Pantone reference number (usually #U reference denotes uncoated and #C reference denotes coated).

2. Do you ever accommodate rush orders?

While our 15-day minimum lead time is a “record-setter” in the industry, we like to continually challenge ourselves! Call us at +49 800 28777468, e-mail us at sales.europe@cupprint.com, or send us a message on social media or via our website chat to inquire. In your communication, please provide your target delivery date. We try to accommodate such special requests! (Please note that rush orders are subject to additional fees, including additional delivery fees.)

3. Is it possible to order samples? If so, what is the delivery time?

We’re happy to send samples. Our sample boxes are a random assortment.

If you would like a pre-production sampling of your personal design please contact us.

4. After I submit my design brief online, when will I receive my proof?

It typically takes 2-3 business days to generate a proof.

5. Do lids need to be purchased separately?

Yes, we consider these a separate purchase – but ordering is easy! Just click here.

6. What eco-friendly cups do you offer?

Learn more about our partnership with reUUSI, the first to-go cup engineered to be truly 100% recyclable, here. We’re proud to partner with reUUSI to redefine the standard for eco-friendly business practices within the printed paper cup industry.

Other questions?

Call us at +49 800 28777468 or e-mail us at sales.europe@cupprint.com.

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