16 oz Ice Cream Cup

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Ice Cream Cup 450 ml – put your brand on these custom printed beauties with our top-of-the-line full colour offerings. Sent in14 days just 1000 pcs MOQ

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16 oz Ice Cream Cup

Who knew an Ice Cream Cup could have so much versatility? Use our Ice Cream Cup for all of your takeaway goodies. It’s an excellent alternative to tupperware and plastic bags for your snacks. Everything from pretzels, cookies, yoghurt, sweets and popcorn – the 16 oz Ice Cream Cup is so very versatile!

And carry more with our 16 oz Ice Cream Cup. It’s our largest size and fits so much! Plus you can leverage clever marketing by placing your brand on these custom printed Ice Cream Cups with our top-of-the-line print colour offerings.

We use only top-quality printing techniques. Our full colour and process inks give your custom printed Ice Cream Cup only the very best image, building brand recognition and bettering your business.

Put your best foot forward with our designer paper cups. What are you waiting for?

All of our inks are food safe and odourless. We take pride in our superior printing practices.

  • Single-shelled carton Ice Cream Cup
  • Available in 4 sizes: from 5 oz to 16 oz
  • High-quality, individual full colour print
  • Available from only 1,000 pieces
  • Ideal for in-between snacks – from ice cream and fresh fruit, to cheese and other goodies

Delivered in just 14 working days! Order sizes range from 1,000 units to 250,000 units. A revolutionary combination indeed!

Our top-notch Ice Cream Cup product and innovative printing processes make us the preferred custom printed cup partner. It’s the CupPrint promise. We can’t wait to collaborate with you on your unique vision.

Bolster your brand, build your business, and reach out to us today! Don’t delay!

Cup Overview

Fits approx. ca. 450 ml
Cup diameter at top 105 mm
Cup diameter at bottom 86 mm
Cup height 75 mm
High-quality boxboard inside 301 g/m² cup board +/- 5%, 18 g/m PE +/- 5%
Print Full 4-colour print CMYK
Color Odorless, tasteless, food safe ink
Packaging Unit 60 cups per PET bag
Minimum Order Quantity 1.000 cups per box
Packaging Dimensions H 450 mm x L 580 mm x W 380 mm
Shipping weight 8.35 kg



For your individual Ice Cream Cup 16 oz design we provide you here our curved template as PDF for download.

The following points must be observed in order to guarantee error-free cup production:

  • Please use only our templates for your 16oz Ice Cream Cup designs
    From time to time there may be some adjustments in our templates so please always use the latest directly from our homepage before you start with your design.
  • It is important that the bleed only area and non-printable area is observed. No relevant content should be in the bleed only area; it won‘t be visible on the  nal cup. Additional to that, images must be positioned around the die cutter featuring at least 3 mm of bleed trimming.

Quality control:

  • Images may not feature a resolution of less than 300 dpi.
  • Since colour options do not possess a foodstuffs certi cate, colours are applied and printed exclusively in 4C. Thus, the colour on the cup will look different to Pantone colour.
  • Black should be set to overprinting; black elements may only be added in 100% K (possibly 60/0/0/100 for deep black as required) in order to rule out pass imprecision during printing.

CupPrint Design Made Easy

  • Once your design is ready, export it to a PDF file.
  • Choose the cup on our website
  • Click on “Desing your own” button
  • Select “Your Design
  • Click on Backgrounds on the left side
  • Click on Upload PDF
  • Refresh the 3D preview
  • If you are happy with your cup design, click on Preview on the top of the page
  • Check your curved design, tick the “I have double-checked my data!” box and save your design at the right corner