image about paper coffee cup recycling pickup scheme from cup print and first mile waste processor

Cup Print Partner with First Mile for Recyclable Paper Cup Pickup and Processing

Cup Print are pleased to announce a partnership for the pick-up and recycling of Cup Print EarthCoating® Certified-as-Recyclable Paper Cups with leading Waste Processor, First Mile. The service will ensure that EarthCoating® recyclable paper cups purchased from Cup Print are collected and recycled into new materials – just as they are engineered to be. Sustainability is at the…

Custom printed Paper Cups box labels

Cup Print Box Labels – New for 2021

Enhanced for 2021, a new, comprehensive, standard labelling format from Cup Print is designed to assist with efficiencies by: • Saving time for customers that need labels without the need to supply them • Automatically populating customizable fields on the label from your order making them unique to each customer/order • Aiding with traceability requirements…

Made for The UK in Ireland

Buying Cups Post Brexit – As Easy as 1,2, 3

Along with cups, from January 2021, your business will likely have to prepare to receive several types of goods sent from the EU to the UK. Cup Print have years of experience sending goods throughout and beyond the EU and via the EU to other 3rd-party countries, such as Norway, Switzerland and other countries outside…

Christmas 2018 News Round-Up

Christmas 2018 News Round-Up

We’re ready for the holidays! With Christmas right around the corner, we’re celebrating with cups that scream “Seasons Greetings” galore! Try one of these drink ideas this Christmas season. Chai Eggnog, Dreamy Hazelnut Hot Cocoa, and even Nutella Hot Chocolate – great recipes from Country Living! And try this Christmas coffee recipe to wake you…

Venture capitalism, business, and coffee

Drawing the Parallel Between Venture Capitalism and Coffee

Coffee is the new thing in corporate capitalism. A recent article from business publication Inc. explains why venture capitalists are actively investing in coffee start-ups. Recent data from E-imports shows that American coffee drinkers consume more than 3 cups of coffee per day on average. E-imports data also shows that 50% of the American adult population drink coffee/espresso. Furthermore,…

fall coffee

Fall 2018 Coffee / Ice Cream News Round-Up

We like fall so much that we’re writing a second fall news round-up… plus there’s plenty of coffee and ice cream info to share! Congratulations to Bear Coast Coffee on opening another location! The California-based coffee cafe now has a second space in San Clemente. Have you tried Biggby Coffee’s caramel apple cider or pumpkin…

5 Coffee Companies to Try on International Coffee Day

5 Coffee Companies to Try on International Coffee Day

CupPrint loves International Coffee Day! Free coffee, java discounts – what’s not to like? This year the day’s theme is Women in Coffee. Because many countries have their own national coffee day, International Coffee Day is a way to unite all coffee lovers with a worldwide java celebration. Our client, Strange Matter Coffee Co., rotates roasters….

National Coffee Day

The Best Way to Celebrate National Coffee Day… with Free Coffee of Course!

The United States celebrates National Coffee Day on September 29th. As a display of celebration, many coffee business offer free or discounted coffee. Here’s are a few such options to take advantage of: Dunkin Donuts, soon to be known as Dunkin’, is offering a buy one cup of coffee, get one free deal to celebrate….