5 Coffee Companies to Try on International Coffee Day

CupPrint loves International Coffee Day! Free coffee, java discounts – what’s not to like? This year the day’s theme is Women in Coffee.

Because many countries have their own national coffee day, International Coffee Day is a way to unite all coffee lovers with a worldwide java celebration.

Double Wall Cup

Our client, Strange Matter Coffee Co., rotates roasters. A great way to try various coffees.

Be inspired by Strange Matter and celebrate International Coffee Day by trying a different roast. Here are a few ideas!

  1. Intelligentsia coffee product (and tea!) comes in a wide-array of flavors. Try anything from a citrus to buttery taste this International Coffee Day.
  2. Coaltown Coffee Roasters is bringing back industry to a former coal mining town in South Wales.
  3. Bewley’s started as a small coffee roaster in Dublin, Ireland. The brand has grown to serve the international market with a presence in Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S.
  4. QuillsCoffee created a new Honduran roast and offers 5+ other flavors.
  5. Madcap Coffee has an Oktoberfest brew that’s perfect for fall. Established in 2008, it is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Love coffee so much that you want to keep the party going? Click here for more ways to celebrate International Coffee Day.

We love boasting about our clients – their ideas inspire us!

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Happy International Coffee Day to our clients, customers, and friends!

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