Cup Print Partner with First Mile for Recyclable Paper Cup Pickup and Processing

Cup Print are pleased to announce a partnership for the pick-up and recycling of Cup Print EarthCoating® Certified-as-Recyclable Paper Cups with leading Waste Processor, First Mile.

The service will ensure that EarthCoating® recyclable paper cups purchased from Cup Print are collected and recycled into new materials – just as they are engineered to be.

Sustainability is at the core of First Mile’s ‘zero to landfill‘ business philosophy, which brings great synergy with Cup Print’s commitment to innovative, sustainable technologies. Serving drinks in recyclable cups, with a clear pathway to responsible waste processing is critical for Cup Print customers to demonstrate their own brand values.

Cup Print have chosen to work with First Mile because they have an easy switching service and great technological solutions to Waste Management, along with excellent customer support.

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