Cups, Coffee, and Technology… yes, Technology

CupPrint’s bringing innovation to the cup printing industry with our 3D digital design tool.

Simply upload your artwork and view it in 3D on your perfectly printed double wall coffee cups (or single wall or ice cream cups too!) prior to purchasing.

Like our cups that hold it, coffee’s going through a technological renaissance.

The coffee / tech convergence: IBM’s new coffee drone.

Not only can this drone deliver coffee, it can sense when you need it too.

Helpful, but dangerous? Some think so.

Canadian coffee expert, Colin Newell, told CNBC, “The fundamental flaw here is transporting hot liquids through the air.”

And that’s not all in coffee-related tech news.

Like a good pour-over java… but don’t like actually “pouring it over”?

Well, then you may want to invest in the new automated pour-over pot – the Automatica.

This techy trinket allows you to simply prep your pour-over pot, place it next to your mug, and watch as it pours the coffee into the mug on its own.

And the coffee tech news continues with something a little less electric-based.

The Flair Espresso Maker is a device that can whip up espresso without electricity. Definitely a go-to gadget for that extra energy boost!

Yes, nowadays there’s nothing technology doesn’t touch – including coffee and coffee cups!

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