Early Spring 2018 News Round-Up

As we head into spring and wrap up winter, we see more and more companies embracing sustainable practices, particularly when it comes to plastic.

We’ve got some major companies moving toward more eco-friendly initiatives. As an eco-friendly branded takeaway cup company, we love to see others caring for the earth.

U.S.-based company Dunkin Donuts recently announced that they were shifting their printed paper cup materials from polystyrene foam to a double-walled paper cup. This comes as an effort to reduce the company’s carbon footprint as the foam material tends to decompose at a slow rate.

This attribute can be harmful to wildlife.

McDonald’s is taking similar action, vowing to eliminate foam from their packaging by replacing foam cups with fiber- based branded paper cups. The company will begin to implement the new initiative by the end of this year.

And that’s not all the company has in store. Within two years, or by 2020, they plan to overhaul all of their foam-based materials.

And in England, initiatives such as WRAP’s are helping business to consider the benefits of improving the wide-use of plastic. Those interested in becoming involved in their mission to cut plastic pollution, can sign up here.

The Paper Cup Recycling and Recovery Group, otherwise known as the PCRRG, is working toward a similar goal. PCRRG studies the paper cup supply chain to determine where waste might be decreased. They are drawing attention to the sustainability issue surrounding printed paper cups.

We’re certainly working on making our impact.

While there is much debate over the proposed latte levy, coffee can be a relatable factor.

For example, just last month, this person took a mugger for a coffee after the mugger attempted to steal a wallet from an individual.

So a little compassion really does go a long way.

We love coffee so much and the printed paper cups that accompany the beverage. But let’s not forget our passion for ice cream and ice cream cups too.

Though we do love ice cream, we are not planning to put it on fire anytime soon.

Hot meet cold. Cold meet hot.

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