re|UUSI® Double Wall Recyclable Paper Coffee Cups

 Double Wall re|UUSI® Recyclable Paper Coffee Cupsre|UUSI® Double Wall Recyclable Coffee Cups perform just the same as a regular paper cups – but can be processed by regular paper processing plants and reused again.

re|UUSI® double wall paper cups are the first and only paper cups with AAA certification by the Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot scheme.

Separate layers of board create an isolation gap that keeps the hottest drinks hot and the coldest servings cold – and your hands at the perfect temperature.

Less Sleeves, less waste

Double Wall recyclable paper cups also eliminate the needs for sleeves – so your cups stay as the perfect canvas to promote your brand in hands.

re|UUSI® sustainable paper cups contain the unique mineral EarthCoating®, which can reduce plastic content by up to 50%. These linings break down easily during the paper pulping process

Short runs. Fast turnaround

re|UUSI® double wall sustainable paper coffee cup models from CupPrint can also be purchased in the same high quality, high resolution, custom printed formats as regular paper cups. All with the usual low order minimums (only 1000 pcs Min. order) and fast, 15-day turnaround.

The re|UUSI® paper cup has successfully obtained numerous industry standard recycling certifications as well as approval for all materials and inks being food safe and odorless.