Confused By Paper Cups?


Confused By Paper Cups? Here’s A Guide To The Choices Available

While the debate around the environmental impact of packaging waste continues, what are the options available to vendors when it comes to buying paper cups?

Reusables only go so far as the majority of coffee purchases are still spontaneous.

So the need for single use disposable cups is set to continue.

So what types of paper cups are out there?

  1. Compostable cups: Have a bio coating as a barrier instead of the regular polyethylene lining. The cup is compostable in industrial composters – or domestic ‘brown’ compost bins – and cups must get to the right facility to be composted effectively. You can partner with your waste management company to collect the compostable cups and ensure they get sent to the right facility.
  2. Recyclable cups: Such as the ‘certified-as-recyclable’ cup breaks down in the regular recycling stream. These cups can be recycled in the regular paper/card waste stream and our ‘certified-as-recyclable‘ has been certified AAA by the German Green Dot scheme, the first – and only – paper cup to achieve this recognition.
  3. Regular Paper Cups. Double or single wall standard paper cups made from sustainable paper board with a PE plastic liner. These cups are only recyclable where facilities exist to collect them and send them to the right reprocessing facility.

The material you choose to offer your customers to have their takeaway hot drinks in can say a lot about your brand values.

So it’s worth considering carefully before considering what cups to stock.

CupPrint is the only paper cup manufacturer offering all three choices of paper cup type.

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