How our Printed Paper Cup Company is Recycling an old Auto Plant and Promoting a Hard-Working Community

New – a fresh start, a clean slate.

We like new, but we also savor the history of the hard work of those who came before us – the innovators, inventors, and risk takers. So, we find it fitting that our new U.S. office is situated amongst antiquity.

We take pride in working in the heart of history.

We’re proud to make our mark on manufacturing and technology inside the former Studebaker plant, right in the midst of downtown South Bend. Within the walls of this plant our predecessors labored to assemble automobiles – one time a major contributor to the region’s economic spine.

Our branded disposable cups are a main unit manufactured in this plant that houses heaps of history.

Our recent ribbon cutting ceremony was a testament to our excitement about making an impact on the building’s history, South Bend, stateside, and globally. It was truly a revival by ribbon cutting. As one of the most innovative cup printers, we’re excited about our new venture in the U.S. and we’re on track to making our business a significant economic driver.

CupPrint is committed to our community and our consumers.

Last month, we joined our neighboring businesses and citizens for the event. Our co-tenants, South Bend City Church and South Bend Woodworks, partnered with us to celebrate our common milestone – a significant success that drew quite a crowd and the attention of local leadership!

CupPrint’s U.S. team highlighted our constituencies that collaborated with us on the ribbon cutting event by printing their logos on our custom printed paper cups.

Event planners take note! These custom printed takeaway coffee cups offered stronger branding opportunity for our co-tenants during the event itself.

But the branded paper cups also made a lasting impression…

After the event, these to-go customized paper cups were carried out into the community by attendees. This, then, extended promotional messaging to a wider audience.

CupPrint makes it easy to market a brand with designer paper cups. We’ve proved this capability while simultaneously restoring history.

All in a day’s work.

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