Christmas 2018 News Round-Up

We’re ready for the holidays!

With Christmas right around the corner, we’re celebrating with cups that scream “Seasons Greetings” galore!

Try one of these drink ideas this Christmas season. Chai Eggnog, Dreamy Hazelnut Hot Cocoa, and even Nutella Hot Chocolate – great recipes from Country Living!

And try this Christmas coffee recipe to wake you up on Christmas morning!

Last year, Blue Bell Ice Cream debuted a limited-edition flavor – Christmas Cookies. We’re looking forward to trying it this year. Turns out the flavor was so popular last year that the product sold out nationwide after approximately 1 month on the shelves!

Blue Bell released two additional flavors this holiday season: Peppermint Bark and Peppermint! Rumor is that the company plans to release even more seasonal flavors.

Maybe you want to make your own ice cream to celebrate the season? Check out these recipes!

CupPrint’s ice cream cups can be created with a customized Christmas theme!

Our ice cream cups can be used for more than ice cream. Try pudding… or Christmas ice cream pudding.

And the cups hold some other Christmas snacks too!

And have you heard about Cosmic Creamery? There’s word its destined for Instagram fame. The ice cream shop infuses ice cream with everything from fruit to cereal to candy.

Speaking of artistic and Instagram, have you checked ours out? It serves as a great gallery for cup design ideas and inspiration!

Hosting a Christmas event this year? Our small order minimums, short delivery time, and branded, perfectly printed cups work well for events!

Design yours today!

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