Ha Ha Ha Halloweeen Guide for Coffee Shops and Cafes 2020


It’s time to cast a spell over your premises ready for the falling leaves and spooky visitors. (Warning: seriously painful puns ahead).

Ghouls, witches and demanding young demons will all want warm and fiendish drinks to ward off other evil spirits trying to muscle in on their candy collection rounds.

Before you fang over to the costume shop and party store, here’s some inspiration of what to serve and how you can deliver a great experience without heading to an early grave. Mwah ha ha ha ha …

Tricks and Treats

You might be the favourite haunt (see what we did there?) for adult customers in mid-week business hours, but how about trying to lure them in with their offspring after dark? Well, we all need fresh blood, don’t we?

You could consider a special family evening with later opening hours to make the most of extra evening footfall. Maybe make the kids treats free and profit from the higher-than-normal-priced drinks?

Whatever you choose – try and put on a bit of a show for fascinated young eyes eagerly awaiting refreshment.

Cotton Candy for Casper – spirit even more sugar away in front of their eyes to add to the entertainment factor.

Sinful but Sustainable

While customers might appreciate the fun, it’s worth remembering they expect packaging and wrappings to be eco-friendly and litter free.

An influx of business for your seasonal efforts should communicate that you chime with their values – regardless of the time of year – by demonstrating that your promotional flyers, cups, plates and containers can be responsibly disposed of while keeping hygiene at the fore.


Deadly Decorations

If your team are game, then hand out the Witches or Wizards hats. (Unless you’re operating with skeleton staff?)

Add the usual deathly touches of bats and spiders or skeletons to menus, A-boards and windows. Often it pays to keep this subtle, but you might prefer to go for the throat.

Again, consider some sustainable options such as natural decorations like fall leaves and branches – after all pumpkins are compostable too!

What about some paper cup ghosts?

You could probably do something similar with orange paper cup pumpkins and LED lights.

Service employees might find it tiring if they’re expected to wear full-on costumes over long shifts, but it depends on the team and the atmosphere of your outlet. (Dead Famous or Famous Dead People is a great theme if they’re game!)

You can add to the fun with creepy complimentary trick or treat box options at the checkout and get creative with surprises for each, such as coupons or terrifying eyeball candies.

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Cups to Die For

Special paper cups always make a difference to seasonal events – especially if they’re recyclable.

One thing to remember is that you’ll probably need to stock up on the larger 16 or 20oz cup sizes with the demand for large, warm drinks with added foam, spice and sprinkles.

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Get creative with the hot foil stamps and crazy paint drip effects for some added seasonal elegance

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Dastardly Drinks

You’d probably got to hell for not offering SPLs (Spice Pumpkin Lattes) around All Hallows season, so don’t forget to order the spiced pumpkin and caramel syrups and tonnes of cinnamon dust. But here’s some alternatives to keep with the theme. (Hint: Syrups are still your friend.)

The key color palettes for a spellbinding drinks experience are black, oranges and reds.

Wytche’s Cauldron

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Steamed Milk
  • Toffee Apple Syrup

Blood Suckers

Blood orange syrup with fruit teas

Grave Digger

  • Espresso
  • Dark Chocolate Syrup
  • Milk & Cocoa Powder

Frank. N. Stein

  • 50/50 espresso and milk
  • Mint choc syrup
  • Whipped cream and/or green marshmallows or choc chips


  • Espresso
  • Raspberry Syrup
  • White Chocolate Milk
  • Whipped Cream & Dark Chocolate sprinkles.

And it goes without saying you should maximise the opportunity on your social channels with spine-chilling shots of all the devilish drinks on offer.

Malloween – Spice and Ice

How about some marshmallow cup cakes for lost souls? Even better serve them on sticks – or rather, stakes …

image of ghost cup cakes for post on coffee shop halloween serving suggestions

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With a few well-thought out drinks, snacks and decorative touches, some nods to environmentally friendly needs and a happy team you can hopefully avoid a total horrow show!

Happy Halloween all! (Our sincerest apologies for the awful puns.)

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