Printed Paper Coffee Cup Printing FAQs

Each day we’re asked a lot of cup printing questions! From our unique paper cup printing processes and possibilities (there are very few limitations!) to recycling, safety qualities – and more.

Here’s a selection of questions and answers on the most-asked topics.

Are the cups recyclable?

Paper cups are not generally considered fully recyclable. This is due to plastic PE coating used as the barrier on the inside. But, Cupprint can provide “Earth Coating” barriers that are recyclable. Check out our eco-friendly products.

Are the cups from sustainable sources?

All of the materials used come from accredited, managed forestry. And all double cups contain at least 45% recycled fibers.

What styles and colours are available?

CupPrint uses full colour CMYK process in high-resolution all-over printing. (Full wrap). This means any combination of colours, images, and design can be achieved without any extra cost. (And you don’t need clutches!) Check out the mid-page photo image below for a nice foil wrap example.

How many colours can I print?

Any amount of colours you like as CMYK printing is limitless. All pantone PMS colors are converted to CMYK. Please bear in mind that some conversions, especially oranges, don’t convert 100%. Our artwork team will advise on any problems.

What if I only need a simple 1 or 2 colour cup?

1 colour is the same as 6 colours to us . There’s no cost difference in CMYK printing. So don’t be afraid to add as many colours or images as you like.

Is there an extra charge for 2-sided printing?

We manufacture and form the cups at our plant right here in Ireland. This is why we can print all the way round the cup – on all sides – at no extra cost. It’s printed before forming.


Can you print on the inside of cups?

There’s a PE plastic coating on the inside of the cup. This coating’s actually laminated to the paper prior to making the cup.

If you print directly on to this layer, you will have ink in direct contact with hot coffee or tea, which will react with the underlying substrate.

Although harmless for the most part,  it’s not recommended to be completely food safe.

The only way to do this is to have the paper pre printed prior to lamination.

Since lamination’s done in huge quantities –  of 20 tons plus at least – it would only be possible for large order volumes.

Can you print on the bottom of cups?

If it’s inside the cup – as in, looking inside the cup – the answer’s the same as above.

If it’s underneath the cup on the flat base, same as above.

If it’s on the bottom inner base side wall, it can be done.

If you want to print on the inside to reveal a prize or something, the coupon cup is a much better way of doing this.

coupon cup

Can the entire cup be printed on – including the bottom rim?

Yes the base of the double wall can be printed, but it requires an extra print setup fee and slightly increases the cost of the cup.

If you’re doing just a color match that will work just fine, but if you are trying to match up lines between the base of the cup and the Double Wall, that won’t work.

Our Single wall cups are complete print coverage as well

Can you print on top of the lids?

We do not have the capability to print on lids. Only on the sides of the cups.

What are the options for lid customisations?

There is a possibility of any color, but needs minimum order quantity in the millions so we supply either the stock black and white plastic lids as standard.

What is Cupprint’s capacity and minimum order?

Our minimum order at the moment is 1000 cups. Our full capacity is over 250 million cups/year.

Can you provide printed paper coffee cups wrapped individually?

Unfortunately we cannot offer individually wrapped printed cups.

Our products all go through the same production process that involves bagging certain quantities of cups together in stacks, that are then packed in the same size cases. The quantities per case vary on the size of cup.

Do you print on plastic coffee cups?

Unfortunately all of our cup products are paper products. We would be happy to quote you for any sizes of our paper cups!

What size or format do I need to provide artwork in?

You can just upload source files and give instructions and our team will take care of the rest or advise you or your designer what they can do to optimise the design in print.

Do you have a paper cup design template we can use?

This paper coffee cup design advice blog post is designed to answer common cup print design issues.

We do offer a free cup design service. And you can also use the cup designer tool if you click ‘Design your own‘ on individual products in the products section.


What is the lead time for your printed paper coffee cups?

14 working days from approved artwork to being delivered to your door is the maximum. But, if needed we can work to your schedule in most cases.

Are they foodsafe?

All of products meet the highest food safety standards and are accredited by FDA.

Do you make grooved cups – and can you print on them?

No we don’t and yes we believe you can. (We call them ripple cups.)

Usually ripple cups are marketed as being a solution for insulation and protecting your hand from heat.

However, Double-wall cups are by far the best for insulation – here’ a diagram of double-wall paper cup construction and info on print surface finishing options.  Double wall gives a much superior printing surface and many more options than grooved / rippled surfaces.

Double-wall cups also don’t require paper or card cup sleeves or clutches, which proves their insulation properties.

Do you really manufacture and print all the cups yourselves?

Yes we do, in the in Indiana,in theUSA, with easy access to rapidly ship your printed paper coffee cups.

In 2019 we printed our billionth cup and have an annual capacity of 500 million cups and year and growing.

Do you have a European branch?

Yes we do – in fact we have two! You can contact (Ireland) and (Germany). All cups in Europe are printed and manufactured in the EU in Ireland.


(Our artwork team can assist you in designing fantastic cups for your business, brand event or group. You can upload your artwork any time and preview it using interactive 3D before you approve your order.)

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