Living and Breathing Cup Designs – Why We Love Our Job

We live and breathe cup printing and cool designs. Here’s why.

Custom disposable coffee cups are one of the best forms of advertising for any business, brand, or event.

Supporting the artists and grassroots enterprises

You’d think that a hot cup printer like us would be obsessed with hunting down business from the traditional large chains, such as Starbucks.

Sure, we’re aiming at a wholesale market mainly. However, we actually have the most fun collaborating with much smaller operations, forward-thinking brands, and party planners – especially the businesses that brief our team with or supply awe-inspiring designs.

Here we get to really see the advantages that our unique cup printing methods deliver to small businesses and events.

Instagram Obsession

As a matter of fact, we’ve become quite obsessed with showing off our customers’ designs via our Instagram feed. We love showcasing all of the trendy designs we receive from various graphic artists – or the ones from those busy bakeries, small cafes, and fast and casual restaurants that send mock-ups to our design team to produce.

It’s waaaay better than firing up the presses for 20 gazillion of the same old boring design that the big chains demand.

Feeling the love

cupprint-single-wall-8ozSeeing the designs come to life and come together, we sense the seasons changing. Paralleled with the spirit of the times, we love to see what the more humble operators and purist roasters and baristas get from having a customized, totally unique product.

The team here is always thrilled to talk about who the latest online orders are from – and about. You really see the customers’ characters shine through. And that means a whole lot more than a big faceless corporation’s uniform branding.

We’ve seen cool designs, poignant artwork, and clever and hilariously funny prints and we always appreciate the simple, stylishly branded cup as much as the all-singing, all-dancing ones decked out in shiny silver and golds and spangly, sparkly effects.

Of course many brands’ marketing managers ask us for cool-looking cups for their next big launch. (Ahem, we’re always happy to receive an invitation to rub shoulders there too by the way 😉 )

We get queries from churches and community groups, schools, teams … you name it, we’ve probably printed a cup for them!

The CupPrint method for printing high-resolution all-over cups offers an insane amount of flexibility and options for design.

Spot colors, embosses, cutouts, shiny, matt. Whatever. We can do it. And we can do it in the super small runs that small businesses want at reasonable prices and delivered within two weeks – and often less.

We’d be thrilled to hear about your design needs or be blown away by your artwork proposal. And we’re happy to follow up with a fast quote and send you a preview in our awesome 3D interactive visualization tool.


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