Fall 2018 News Round-Up

The days might be getting cooler with fall, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch the cold coffee. Here are some way to get your iced coffee fix this fall – including a drink of the avocado variety!

Coffee and chocolate pair well. Trying mixing the two in your next boxed baking kit! Use coffee where the recipe calls for water.

Dunkin Donuts has an array of pumpkin-flavored and maple-flavored coffee drinks to help you enjoy autumn.

(Speaking of Dunkin Donuts, it’s be changing its name to Dunkin.)

Custom Printed Cup Designed by AncolieWe’re ready for those crisp, cool fall mornings. Hope you are too!

Coca-Cola acquired what has been called the top coffee brand in the U.K., Costa Coffee. This brings Coca-Cola’s estimated price per share to around $52.

On trend in the ice cream world is the new puffle cone – a cone that’s chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside.Fill it with your favourite nitrogen-infused ice cream.

Work/life balance is important. These vegan ice cream entrepreneurs know all about it.

Check out our Instagram for some cool cups. Looks like this is the most “Instagrammable” ice cream treat!

Like dogs? Like ice cream? Well then try these dog-design ice cream treats developed by a restaurant in Taiwan. Each takes 5 hours to make and the restaurant can make up to 100 a day (though consumer demand is quite higher!).

And scientists have developed slower-melting ice cream.

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