Braille Printed Paper Cup – Bringing Light into Darkness

We believe that this is the first and only ever Braille printed paper cup in the world.

This one was especially printed for a German Museum in Münster called “LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte”

Some Marketing Light into Darkness

It was for the exhibition Leben in der Dunkelheit’.

‘Living in the darkness’

In the spirit of inclusivity, all the show’s promotional and information material texts were available in Braille, including this customized, printed cup.

CupPrint delivered a 12oz / 330 ml Double Wall takeaway cup that the event organisers used to promote and advertise the exhibition.

Braille Printed Paper Cup – Cupvertizing takes another step

Printed cups are already proven to be excellent brand promotion material for businesses such as brand events and catering and hospitality enterprise.

So, to have advertising content on the cup in Braille as well, pushes ‘Cupvertizing’ to a new level of broadcasting effect.

It was a very complicated process to produce this cup.

Because Braille is originally in the French alphabet, unified versions of the way dots are printed on various presses present a few issues to overcome with Unicode etc.

The special curved design shape of a paper cup also gave extra challenges. So we had to find a way to make it genuinely readable.

Using some unique embossing patterns and a special manufacturing process, our skilled print technicians and designers at CupPrint made it possible for a braille printed paper cup to go into production.

The cup was given out to local Coffee shops and bars for free to use it for their coffee-to-go business around the time of the exhibition so that the event was properly promoted.

So, the great thing is that this advertising cup was ‘visible’ for both sighted and blind people all over Münster area.

We’re particularly proud of this and happy to play a small part in bringing some increased levels of cup communication with blind or partially sighted people who don’t normally get to interact with branded cups or promotional material in this way.

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