(This Statement was last updated on October 25th 2019 and is subject to change at any time.)

Huhtamaki CupPrint Ltd. Privacy

Please also refer to the Huhtamaki Privacy Notice

Cup Print respect your privacy. This page explains about what data we collect on our websites – and the purpose for it – and outlines how you can access this information or request that it be deleted.


If you do not agree to personal data that we collect (see below for specific usage) then you should refer to ‘Your Rights to Your Data’ below and contact us to remove your records or provide a record.

When you submit any contact details to us via mediums such as forms or external adverts or marketing tools, we will not sell your information to anyone or spam you.

At all times, we choose to collect the minimum amount of information necessary to allow us to improve our services and awareness of our services.

We aim to only use relevant service providers that are compliant with data protection legislation.

We will update this page as and when our data collection and retention practices change.

Types of Data

What we collect and why

When visiting our websites, we may obtain and use the following data about you:

Data you fill out forms – or popups – on our Website (such as name, email address, telephone number), including, but not limited to, data you provide when you request a quotation, ask us to contact you or to place an order.

Cookies and pixels: Cookie files are stored on the hard drive of your computer following a visit to our website. The cookie contains information about your device. Pixels are a tracking technology used for other networks – such as a social media provider – to recognise that you have visited our website.

Use of Data

We use the collection of this data to help us improve the experience of users on our website so that we may deliver a more personalised service, such as customised messaging from our chat bubble based on the page you are viewing and your interests. However, that device, or accounts linked to that device, (such as a Google profile or iCloud profile), may pass on details of your browsing preferences to external providers, such as Social Media accounts.

The collection of this cookie data allows us to:

  • Customise adverts you will see on other web pages that may relate to the content you viewed on our website.
  • Estimate the size and usage patterns and needs of our audience based on browsing activity and source
  • Identify you on return to our Website (For example, you might receive a notification that says ‘welcome back’  that offers to assist you with what you are specifically searching for based on the pages you are viewing – or if you have registered your email address the cookie can allow us to send you information based on your browsing activity with relevant subject matter. E.g., if you’re interested in eco cups or regular cups). We do this so that you do not receive messaging about other parts of our product offerings that may not be of interest to you.
  • Increase the speed of your search for information
  • Tailor advertising to Users by cross-referencing hashed identifiers derived from email addresses for the purposes of cross-device tracking for targeted advertising. This service is delivered to us via AdRoll. (View AdRoll’s Privacy Policy.)

We do not control removal of cookies, so you should either clear your cookies and/or choose to not allow your data to be collected when the permission notice appears on our website, or you can also choose to use an ad blocking tool. We hold collected cookies for 12 months.

Your Rights to Your Data

We are happy to provide you with an inventory of what data we hold on you on request.

We may request that you provide official documentation to identify yourself as the true owner of the data so that we can be sure we are only releasing your information to you and nobody else, with the possible exception of law enforcement bodies under correct legal protocols.

We are committed to confirming that we will process your request to delete or edit what data we hold on you within one month from the date that your request is received.

Even if you are not located within the EU, we will honour these requests for privacy regardless.

We will responsibly keep your data for up to 2 years for sales and marketing purposes and will request your permission to retain it at that interval.

How to Opt-Out 

On visiting our website you will be asked to choose whether you accept the use of cookies or not by a popup notice giving a choice. (This notice is provided by our advertising partner AdRoll.)

On ads served by AdRoll, look for an AdChoices logo (the blue triangle) in the corner of the ad. Click the logo to learn more about interest-based advertising, who served the ad, and manage your ad options.

You can also opt out of seeing personalised ads from AdRoll using the Network Advertising Initiative opt out tool.  Please note you will still see ads even if you opt out, but they will not be personalized by AdRoll.

Some alternative third-party opt-out tools:
Digital Advertising Alliance
Network Advertising Initiative

Contact Us

You may contact us at any time at:

Huhtamaki CupPrint Ltd. Balleymaley Business Park, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland Tel +353 65 686 8633 and via