New Year 2018 Coffee News Roundup

New Year 2018 Coffee News Round-up

Happy New Year – we wish you health and success!

We’re so excited to see what 2018 has in store! We’ve got some big plans for our branded, printed paper cups.

Here’s the first of our links roundup posts to get the year rolling.

How will coffee kickstart your 2018? Consider one of these fun coffee drinks:

Heading into 2018, integrating sustainability into custom printed takeaway coffee cups continues to be important around the world.

Au Bon Pain’s doing its part to contribute to caring for the earth with their endless coffee mug campaign.

And here’s how we’re doing it here at CupPrint with our own sustainable, eco-friendly paper coffee cups

And mushroom coffee … looks like that will be trendy too. All in the name of sustainability we should add!

Sustainability is no doubt a trend in the coffee world. Here’s some other 2018 coffee trends.

And that’s not all that’s projected to be popular. You can now drink a cappuccino with your selfie on it!

We’ve said it before, but what’s a blog post with nothing about cats? So this kitty cafe – The Cat Lounge – is now the place to hang out with fellow feline-loving friends and a cup of Joe.

Check out this cool mobile coffee’ bug’ – a mobile cafe in a VW beetle!

We’ll be back with more soon!

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