Cup Print Gains 100% Green Energy Certification

Cup Print is the largest supplier of environmentally-friendly paper cups in Europe and has invested significantly in sustainable technology innovation.

With the majority of production being either certified-as-recyclable, or compostable products, an important follow-on target was to ensure that all manufacturing and operations consume renewable energy exclusively.

The organisation is proud to report that all energy at the primary facility and Headquarters in Ennis, Ireland, is now certified as deriving from 100% renewable sources.

Green energy is one of a range of Cup Print’s additional sustainability goals, including waste and water management, recycling rates, maximising the use of renewable raw materials and environmental health and safety.

As one of the region’s largest employers and consumers of energy, it is vital for Cup Print to demonstrate their commitment to both carbon and waste reduction and how sustainability is front and centre of their commercial focus.

Additionally, Cup Print hold both PEFC certification to guarantee that all virgin paper stock is sourced from sustainable forestry resources – along with BRCGS Grade AA Status for High Hygiene and Quality Management Standards.

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