Denis Naughten Gives CupPrint Nod for Eco-friendly Practices

Minister of Communications, Climate Action, and Environment, Denis Naughten is a leading advocate behind the push to make Ireland more sustainable. He calls out plastic for its negative effect on the environment.

Minister Naughten recently applauded CupPrint for our commitment to the earth. He acknowledges our future-ready position stemming from our earth-friendly practices.

Naughten visited our manufacturing facility in Ennis to check out our eco cups. He highlighted his visit in this Twitter post:

In the post, he calls CupPrint’s practices “the future.” Going on to say that, “this company is globally at the leading edge.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Our reCUP and Frugal Cup offerings are engineered to be 100% recyclable. And our Vegware cup option is 100% compostable.

Truly sustainable solutions.

In fact, we’re slated to help Ireland avoid the costly latte levy.

Less expense. More sustainability. More perfectly printed paper cups.

In Ireland, some 2 million takeaway cups are sent to landfill each day. Despite this and consumer incentives to save costs, statistics show that most don’t care to use reusable cups.

Research actually shows that only 1-2% of the population actually use reusable cups.

Hello future. Good-bye waste.