Bio Cups Broken Down by Digits

Here are the facts surrounding the lack of sustainability in paper cup manufacturing – and our low cost fix for it – broken down by the digits.

Should it have passed, the latte levy would have imposed a 25 pence tax on non-eco cups in the U.K. That’s equal to around 33 cents a cup. This equates to about a 10% increase in the average cost of a cup of co ffee.

That’s a big increase, especially for an economy with over 3% infl ation.

Most paper cups are not truly recyclable. In fact, there are only 2 facilities in Britain that have the proper technology to recycle printed paper cups.

This is because it is quite costly to separate the cup’s plastic lining from the takeaway cup to recycle it. This internal plastic lining makes up about 5% of the cup.

In fact, in the U.K., <1% of paper cups are actually recycled because of this lining. Recently, the U.K. government named the answer to this issue reusable plastic cups.

They are calling for consumers to bring their own plastic cups to cafes and co ffee shops. The perfect solution, right?

Not so much. Coff ee and tea lovers beware. Turns out only 1-2% of the population currently carry their own cups despite incentives. Why? Well, carrying a reusable cup around is cumbersome.

Lawmakers in the U.K. recently proposed that all cups should be recycled by 2023. If not, they say that non-eco cups should be illegal.

This is all part of a movement in the U.K. to create a 0 waste rule.

2.5 BILLION – the number of cups not recycled each year.

That’s enough to wrap the world 5.5 times.

In fact, currently not even 1/400 cups actually get recycled.

CupPrint considers sustainable practices to be critical. For example, we o ffer 3 types of eco-friendly coff ee cups.

Read more about our partnerships with reCup, Frugalpac, and Vegware here. ReCup and Frugalpac are engineered to be totally recyclable. Vegware cups are designed to be completely compostable.

What’s not to love about these eco cups?

Low cost, long-term fix, maintaining a marketing channel – our o ffering is the perfect sustainable solution and an excellent alternative to the tax.

There is only 1 company that currently manufactures the reCup option as part of its commercial product off erings in the U.K. and Europe. That’s us.

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