How CupPrint’s Redefining the Need for the Latte Levy

The controversy over how to best cultivate more sustainable paper cup manufacturing practices continues. Recently, the government decided to trash the latte levy.

CupPrint considers sustainable practices critical. That’s why we care for the earth through creating eco-friendly and biodegradable cups.

There’s lots of opinions on how to promote less plastic in cups – and we’ve got one of our own.

Should it have passed, the latte levy would have imposed a 25 pence tax on non-eco cups. That’s equal to around 33 cents a cup.

That’s a big increase, especially for an economy with over 3% inflation.

Furthermore, the money derived from the levy would have been invested in creating new waste and recycling management. Currently only two facilities in Britain are equipped with the proper technology to recycle printed paper cups.

But why fix the facility, when you can fix the cup?

That’s what Terry Fox, CEO of CupPrint, can’t help but wonder… especially when he has the offering to do the trick.

Right now, printed paper cups cannot be recycled in mainstream recycling facilities due to the polyethylene inner lining of the cups. Without the proper technology, this plastic lining does not easily separate from the plastic cup. Removing it during the regular recycling process is a challenge.

“We can transform the landscape very quickly and ensure that all paper cups easily get recycled at work, at home or on the go, by directing them to the regular paper/card recycling stream,” Terry said just last month in an interview with Packaging News.

As Terry points out in the piece, it would be smarter to remedy consumer behaviour than invest in new recycling infrastructure for plastic cups.

In other words, concentrate on changing the product, not altering the entire waste management landscape.

The ReCUP product is engineered to be 100% recyclable. So is the Frugal Cup (Frugalpac). Truly a value to the U.K.’s sustainable effort!

Contribute to your future by contributing to the Earth. We’re here to help you.

Design your perfectly printed cup with us today and reduce your carbon footprint.

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