New packaging labelling laws are coming into effect across Europe to combat marine litter levels.

The Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) requires standard ‘Plastic in Product’ markings for beverage cups, regardless of plastic content levels. (See image above for example of placement.)

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cups delivered to customers before July 3rd 2021 CAN be sold in that European Member State until July 4th 2022 without the label
  • Cups that are to be delivered to and sold (‘Placed on the market’) in another European Member State after July 3rd 2021 must have the label.
  • Directive applies to all types of disposable cups – even so-called ‘plastic-free‘ cups (Anyone offering such products as a ‘Solution’ to avoid labelling is giving misleading information)
  • The marking must contain the official language(s) of the country the cup is used in. You can have multiple languages
  • Cup Print are ready to add the required logos on your custom cup design according to the regulations
  • No charges will be made for adjusting plates of existing designs


Cup Print continues to offer their short-run, fast turnaround customised cup printing service, including two sustainable solutions in line with AA-rated BRCGS High Hygiene & Product Quality Standards and PEFC Forestry Accreditation.

The Cup Print Alternative Coatings Range offers a certified-as-recyclable cup using EarthCoating® mineralised liner – certified by both PTS and Institute cyclos-HTP in conjunction with the European Green Dot Scheme – plus a Compostable Cup Range.