Buying Cups Post Brexit – As Easy as 1,2, 3

Along with cups, from January 2021, your business will likely have to prepare to receive several types of goods sent from the EU to the UK.

Cup Print have years of experience sending goods throughout and beyond the EU and via the EU to other 3rd-party countries, such as Norway, Switzerland and other countries outside of the Single Market.

We’re working with our logistic partners and authorities to enable the switch so that you can continue to receive shipments smoothly from your EU suppliers.

We’ve compiled a quick checklist to make your cup deliveries run as smoothly as usual from January 2021 onwards.

Key points:

  • There are no tariffs to be paid for paper cups or food pots/tubs (Commodity codes) however some customs duties and charges will apply.
  • There are some slight changes to how VAT will be paid
  • Cup Print is ready as a DAP (Delivered at Point) terms supplier and will have all the documentation (e.g., commercial invoices) in place for your shipments
  • To avoid delays in shipments, Cup Print has all the necessary mechanisms to certify and declare goods bound for the UK in place with the Irish Revenue and Customs Service.

What You Need to Do:

  1. Register for an EORI number
  2. Check and chose which way you’d like to pay VAT – there are options for deferred payments.
  3. Decide whether you would like to import goods yourself, or enlist the help of an agent (Many Fast Parcel Operators will be able to do this.)

If you receive a lot of goods from the EU, you may be eligible to have your premises registered for consignee status to receive goods without needing to present them to customs.

Cup Print is covering all the costs of the extra documentation and systems and any export duties to streamline the expedition of goods to you. It is possible following the transition period that there may be some small price increases, but only after we know the final conditions in place for the UK leaving the EU. We will also work with you on assessing any impact you may have with extra importation costs within the UK market.

During the transition period it is possible that there will be delays at UK ports. But many of our shipments will be sent in shared consignments that our logistics partners will then deliver separately as usual through the UK.

With an experienced team in place, Cup Print is doing everything they can and will work with you to minimise any impact.

Questions? We’d be happy to assist via +44 808 155 6489 or

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