Minister Breen’s Visit Marks More Jobs, Manufacturing and Our Commitment to Sustainability

Minister Breen’s Visit Marks More Jobs, More Manufacturing, and Our Commitment to Sustainability

In November, Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market, and Data Protection, Pat Breen, TD, visited CupPrint’s head office and main manufacturing facility in Ennis, Ireland.

During his visit, Minister Breen spoke about the company’s several recent groundbreaking technological progressions for custom printed cups, its creation of new jobs, its manufacturing facility expansion, and its positive influence on the environment and economy.

Expansion of the company’s existing main manufacturing facility, officially announced by Minister Breen during his visit, will accommodate increased manufacturing capacity to meet customer demand for printed paper cups.

CupPrint’s facility expansion will bring 15 new manufacturing and engineering jobs to the company, in addition to the 95 jobs already on site at their Ennis location.

At the event, Minister Breen spoke in detail about the expansion of CupPrint’s current eco-friendly Vegware compostable cup production as well as its two new revolutionary eco-friendly product offerings, reCup and the Frugalpac Cup.

“Planning for their future creating new eco-friendly products is forward thinking and future proofing their company,” he said.

Takeaway paper coffee cups have been big news, especially if they’re not truly recyclable.

We’re committed to tackling sustainability-based issues and are transparent on related matters.

Future-ready and focused on doing our part in bringing sustainability to an industry that needs more of it, we’re pioneering the sustainability landscape to create eco-friendly products.

Here’s three ways that we’re contributing to the Earth’s health as a paper cup printer:

Vegware Compostable Cup

Image of vegware fully compostable paper coffee cupSince 2010, we’ve offered the Vegware compostable cup as part of our line of custom printed paper cups.

In fact, this cup, which incorporates a compostable bio coating as a barrier instead of the traditional polyethylene coating, is 30% of our global printed custom paper cup production.

We have the highest percentage of compostable cup production of total units sold compared to any other custom printed paper cup manufacturer in Europe. We also have one of the highest globally.

This particular product is 100% compostable in industrial composting and can be gathered with food waste in most collecting schemes.



image of recup eco friendly recyclable paper coffee cupAs of this past fall, CupPrint offers the revolutionary reCup, which is engineered to be completely compatible with traditional paper recycling systems.

The reCup works the same, looks the same, and is manufactured the same way as designer paper cups coated in polyethylene.

However, reCup’s coating is created to recyclable in mainstream recycling system.

CupPrint introduced the reCup product to the European custom printed paper cup manufacturing market.

Frugalpac Cups

image of frugalpac recyclable friendly paper coffee cupMade from recyclable cardboard, Frugalpac cups can be processed by any recycling facility again and again.

This month, CupPrint begins full, high-speed production of Frugalpac custom printed cups. It is the first company in the world to offer the Frugalpac cup.


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